Different views One Roof

This subject just gets me heated.  How can two people under one roof have such different views on the same subject?  It makes no sense.

Husband/Father – Welcome to the world of Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.  Nothing makes sense and when you randomly come across a subject that you both agree upon it is like “how the hell did that happen”?  Parenting is somewhat similar.  I’m a firm believer in morals, manners and self confidence.  This builds a foundation to not just being a success to the rest of the world but a success to yourself.  Sure, my spouse has similar views but the major difference is how she ranks these vs. other topics.  Yes, everyone can put the materialistic things on top (ie. wealth, house..bla bla bla..heard it a billion times).  So what’s are we as parents saying anything better than the next person?  Here is where I am “not cut the same.”  Why is everyone’s advice to the next generation is always spend more time with family?  Focus on what makes you happy?  Same reason why the most common cars on the road are usually the best ones…because everyone has done the research over and over again and came up with the same results.  Wow..surprising.  So why can’t two consenting adults just be flexible and agree on things?  Well that statement is the billion dollar question.   If answered it would end all troubled marriages and divorces on Earth.  Sadly, we’ll never have an answer.   And we’ll almost always be in disagreements…so who will be the more flexible of the two parents. …..I’ll give you one guess.  My parting statement is sacrifice.  What are you willing to sacrifice for your kids?   Work hard..time away from home…tons of money but dad is always working..yadda yadda yadda.  Hear it all the time around here.  Just cause others do it does it make it the right choice?  Riddle me that batman.

Wife/Mother – This is a subject that can easily cause a fight with your spouse.  How you raise kids and make an impression on your children is all personal.  Furthermore, it does make sense to focus on the fundamentals of creating wealth.  Having wealth solves a lot of problems.  I guess growing up with little makes me focused on that subject a lot.  I guess mental health wasn’t ever address as was financial health.   Additionally, mental health wasn’t addresses as much as physical health.  I’m from Hong Kong and people just started to care more about their health as much as their physical appearance.  Shallow I know but that is the culture.  Even sadder the difference between physical health and mental health.  The only advice I have is balance.   Try to do as much in all areas as you can.

Older Child – He doesn’t grasp the concept of money yet.  He has been amazing teaching his younger brother.  He understands the importance of being a leader to the younger one.  He knows that he has to watch over him.  Some may not see value in this but as the Father I see HUGE value in this.

Younger Child – What he has yet to grasp in financial and leadership skills yet he’s made up with in compassion.  He sympathizes with you.  If you’re sad, angry or happy…he feels the same.  So why do some people still act angry and mean around their kids?  It just boggles my mind.  What impression are you going to make on your kids?  Are you going to be the angry one or the happy one?  It is that simple.


Author: Will

Besides the typical father, husband...trying to make ends meet bio here are some more interesting bits about me: Chinese descent but I'm as American as apple pie. Yes I respect my heritage but it wasn't a huge part of my upbringing. I work in technology and respect it but I'm coming close to burn out of all the gadgets and software. The old fashion way is starting to appeal to me. I'm writing this blog with my family in hopes to take a different perspective of advising families on the challenges I see and we face.

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